Partial AUC support added to fbroc 0.4.0

Support for partial AUC was added to fbroc with the version 0.4.0, which has just been accepted on CRAN. Official changelog fbroc 0.4.0 New features Partial AUCs over both TPR and FPR ranges can be calculated You can now adjust text size for plots In the ROC plot the (partial) AUC can now optionally be… Read More »

Technical troubles resolved

It seems the site is stable again. I never found out the cause, but updating the entire linux server to a new version of Ubuntu and setting up the blog again seems to have done the trick.

Technical troubles ongoing

So far I have not been able to resolve the issues. Until I do, I will disable most plugins and revert to the default theme. This means that some content will definitely be broken for now.

Technical troubles

During the last half-year I had trouble keeping the page up, as the site stops responding after a while. The rest of the server, including the shiny apps, work fine. Rebooting fixed the issue for a short time. I am trying to get this page back online, but have not tracked down the issue yet.… Read More »

On hiatus

As you might have noticed there haven’t been any updates lately, and this situation will probably not change for another month. I was busy both at work and at home, due to one of the kids having been fairly seriously ill. Things are looking better now, but I want to work on the fbroc shiny… Read More »

Shiny interface for fbroc updated

I am happy to announce an updated shiny interface to my R package fbroc. Before updating the interface further to include the new features of fbroc, I wanted to update the interface first. Fortunately, there is an excellent package for the creation of dashboard interfaces for shiny: shinydashboard. I had to rewrite parts of the… Read More »

Dangers of implicit type conversion in R

As you might be aware, R usually does implicit type conversion of your input variable in the expected type whenever necessary. For example, paste expects characters and therefore works by implicit type conversion of numeric to character, and you do not need to use instead. Usually, this is very convenient. But there are at least… Read More »

Back from autumn vacation

We are back from our autum vacation in the Lüneburger Heide. Fortunately, we had autumn weather so that the kids could have fun. Beside from a rather short hiking trip to the Grundloses Moor, we spent some time in the nice garden and visited several other interesting locations in the area. This includes the Weltvogelpark… Read More »

One week break

Due to vacation and other work related stuff, I will not be active for the next week either on this site or developing fbroc. When I come back the next thing to do is to upgrade the Shiny app; in addition to supporting the new features in fbroc 0.3 I want to check out the… Read More »