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Back from autumn vacation

We are back from our autum vacation in the Lüneburger Heide. Fortunately, we had autumn weather so that the kids could have fun. Beside from a rather short hiking trip to the Grundloses Moor, we spent some time in the nice garden and visited several other interesting locations in the area. This includes the Weltvogelpark… Read More »

One week break

Due to vacation and other work related stuff, I will not be active for the next week either on this site or developing fbroc. When I come back the next thing to do is to upgrade the Shiny app; in addition to supporting the new features in fbroc 0.3 I want to check out the… Read More »

Back from the Harz

Due to a thankfully mild eye infection I caught at the end of my vacation and the kids having their birthdays it has taken quite a bit longer than I announced before, but I will now able to continue developing fbroc and writing. Fortunately, our vacation in the Harz was great and I being well-rested… Read More »