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Technical troubles resolved

It seems the site is stable again. I never found out the cause, but updating the entire linux server to a new version of Ubuntu and setting up the blog again seems to have done the trick.

Technical troubles ongoing

So far I have not been able to resolve the issues. Until I do, I will disable most plugins and revert to the default theme. This means that some content will definitely be broken for now.

Technical troubles

During the last half-year I had trouble keeping the page up, as the site stops responding after a while. The rest of the server, including the shiny apps, work fine. Rebooting fixed the issue for a short time. I am trying to get this page back online, but have not tracked down the issue yet.… Read More »

On hiatus

As you might have noticed there haven’t been any updates lately, and this situation will probably not change for another month. I was busy both at work and at home, due to one of the kids having been fairly seriously ill. Things are looking better now, but I want to work on the fbroc shiny… Read More »

No updates for a while

For the next four weeks I will either be travelling or otherwise occupied. Updates to both this site and fbroc should resume in the second half of August.

Paired roc curves in fbroc 0.3.0

Currently I am working on fbroc 0.3.0. The main feature will be the possibility for paired ROC curves. Paired ROC curves are needed when you are comparing two different classifiers on the same dataset. From my experience this use case is even more common than looking at a classifier in isolation, since there is usually… Read More »