fbroc 0.3.0 released!

Yesterday, I submitted fbroc 0.3.0 to CRAN and it was accepted shortly afterwards. By now it should have been built for most platforms. As usual, I will spent the next time to upgrade the Shiny application as well. If you haven’t read it before, the main new feature in 0.3.0 is the analysis of paired… Read More »

Short update on fbroc development

After a long break due to a vacation and other taking care of some other more urgent issues, I have started resuming work on fbroc. I hope to have version 0.3.0 out in a few weeks. The main new feature (handling paired ROC curves) is already completed, but I need to polish the code and… Read More »

Thoughts about Harrell’s Regression Modeling Strategies

This month I picked up the new second edition of the classic Regression Modeling Strategies by Frank E. Harrell, Jr. I had a copy of the first edition at my workplace for the last few years, but at work I didn’t have the time to really study it from cover to cover. The release of… Read More »

Back from the Harz

Due to a thankfully mild eye infection I caught at the end of my vacation and the kids having their birthdays it has taken quite a bit longer than I announced before, but I will now able to continue developing fbroc and writing. Fortunately, our vacation in the Harz was great and I being well-rested… Read More »

No updates for a while

For the next four weeks I will either be travelling or otherwise occupied. Updates to both this site and fbroc should resume in the second half of August.

Paired roc curves in fbroc 0.3.0

Currently I am working on fbroc 0.3.0. The main feature will be the possibility for paired ROC curves. Paired ROC curves are needed when you are comparing two different classifiers on the same dataset. From my experience this use case is even more common than looking at a classifier in isolation, since there is usually… Read More »

fbroc 0.2.1 release

The fbroc 0.2.1 release was added to CRAN yesterday. Actually, I released fbroc 0.2.0 the day before and then had to update again due to a pointer bug found by valgrind as kindly pointed out by Brian Ripley, which did causes crashes or erros in my testing. Further versions will always be tested thoroughly with… Read More »

ROC curves and ties

While working on the next version of fbroc I found a bug that caused fbroc to produce incorrect results when the numerical predictor variable includes ties, that is, if not every value is unique. I have already fixed this bug in the development version, so if you have ties in your predictor I recommend trying… Read More »

Getting highlighting with SyntaxHighlighter Evolved to work

I had some problem getting syntax highlighting to work correctly on this site. First, I tried using a combination of Jetpack Markdown and SyntaxHighlighter Evolved to write my posts. But when I previewed or published the post, several special character were turned into html code. For example, the less symbol < was rendered as &lt;… Read More »

Using classes to write fbroc

Currently I am working on the next version of fbroc. One important new feature will be the analysis of paired ROC curves, which is important when you compare two classifiers. One example would be comparing some new diagnostic method to the state-of-the-art. Before doing this I wanted to improve my C++ code. In the first… Read More »