Shiny interface for fbroc updated

By | November 15, 2015

I am happy to announce an updated shiny interface to my R package fbroc. Before updating the interface further to include the new features of fbroc, I wanted to update the interface first. Fortunately, there is an excellent package for the creation of dashboard interfaces for shiny: shinydashboard. I had to rewrite parts of the shiny interface. It was very much worth it.

The most difficult part was to get the graphs and boxes to scale correctly. First, I had trouble keeping the correct aspect ratio and then the boxes surrounding them did not scale properly with graph size. For some window sizes, part of the graph was outside the box. Since I had trouble fixing this, I will describe the problem and the solution later in a separate blog post. Maybe it will help someone else.

Comparison of old and new shiny interface

The TPR at a FPR of 0.03 depends upon how many of the outliers are included, making the confidence intervall very wide.

Old interface with fbroc 0.2.1

Updated shiny interface for fbroc, using package shinydashboard

Updated shiny interface for fbroc, using package shinydashboard

If you are interested in the code, you can find in on the GitHub page, as always. To test the interface, go here instead.


As mentioned, next up is another update of the interface to support the main new feature of fbroc: comparison of two classifiers trying to solve the same prediction task on the same data. Even with very different classification algorithm, there is usually still a significant correlation between the predictions of the two models. Often the two subsets of samples misclassified by the classifiers have a large overlap. To correctly compare the model with bootstrap methods in this case, it is critical to keep the correlation intact. After the first release of fbroc, this feature was my highest priority.

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